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Project Design

2z Capital offers support in project’s development before the programming even starts. Matching the right technology to the idea is the key to success.

Smartcontracts Development

Any blockchain project starts with smart contracts development. Safe and secure smart contracts are the foundation of smooth project’s operation.

Blockchain Development

Need your own blockchain? We got you. Complex solutions often require exceptional approach. If your solution needs to operate on a private or public blockchain you’ve come to the right place.


Give power to your community through Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Voted by people – executed by smart contracts. The true spirit of decentralization.

Launch Kits

Looking to kick off the marketing in your project? 2z Capital offers help in the areas of developing Whitepaper and Pitch Deck and setting up communication channels for your community.

Development Consulting

Need to just consult the idea and try to find better, cheaper or faster solution for your project? Our specialized team will help you no matter on which stage of the development you are.

Marketing Consulting

Whether you are establishing your vision and mission, looking for help in the areas of project launch preparation or developing the basic assumption for your product – we have resourced to support you in that.

Body Leasing

Need a specialized team for your project, but for a limited period of time? No worries, we can support the Project in your company with our specialists in numerous programming languages.


Need a security review by a trusted third party? Our experienced team and verified partners can perform full code review as well as pentesting of your blockchain, web & mobile app and DApp.




bigshortbets is a private, anonymous and decentralized platform for investors. It’s a web 3.0 App on Tor network which enables anonymous information exchange and peer-to-peer futures trading on any asset using stablecoins. This social platform enables perfect interaction between investors and information providers together with alternative Market for futures exchange. Powered by BIGSB token.



bigshortbets and 2Z Capital creates strategic partnership to create first official polish stablecoin that will be fully covered in polish zloty. Cebullion is created to operate wherever there is a need for a digital equivalent of the Polish zloty. Cebullion will be also used on bigshortbet$ Market to create and P2P trade first synthetic digital asset pairs from WSE (GPW) or New Connect exchanges.



  • Tokens
  • NFT’s
  • Smart Contracts
  • dApp’s
  • Pools
  • DAO’s
  • Market Engines
  • Market-matching Engines
  • Audits
  • Communication
  • Tokenomics
  • Encryption
  • Whitepapers
  • Pitch Decks
  • Token launch
  • Airdrops
  • ICO’s & IEO’s
  • Private & Public Sales

Everything that you need for your project.


Rafał Zaorski

Spiritus movens

Over 20 years experience in trading, tokenomics and markets. Thanks to his expertise, knows how to drive innovative business strategies and identify unusual business cases.

Robert Drożdżewski


Has many years of experience in sales and customer relations. A great negotiator and a master of cold calls. Knows his product good but his client better.

Bartłomiej Lubianiec


Knows programming as well as people. Can create advanced projects of complex solutions. Manages the IT department daily and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Maciej Orłowski

Analysis & Consulting

Whitepapers and tokenomics’ creator. Creates from scratch and manages communication channels. Blockchain and web3 technology expert.



Bartosz Woch


Knows better than people what they need. The organization of time, space and people is his main mission. Loves when projects are „due to yesterday”.

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